Films Screened in May

What a night.

It’s taken me a week to recover from it.

May’s Write Shoot Cut was a spectacular occasion showcasing some of the best short films from across the world including great work by local Edinburgh filmmakers.

Nash Edgerton’s Bear was a crowd pleaser getting just the reaction we’d hoped; a lot of whoops and gasps. Plagium wowed the audience with its modern fairytale and Ronnie Mackintosh (the screenwriter) gave an excellent Q&A discussing working with the director Brady Hood and even the input given from one British Director Joe Wright.

Jamie Wells and Pete Harper showed us a sneaky peek behind the scenes at Hearts Football Club following the Tyncastle Stadium announcer Scott Wilson and gave an insightful Q&A afterwards. Tom Geen’s You’re The Strange Here polarised the audience with some loving it and some absolutely hating it. Our host Ross described it as “if Harmony Korine made 1984″ (I personally love it).

Following these films we ended with the European Première of Greg Hall’s new short film Bruised. Both Greg and the film’s co-writer/producer and star Paul Stevens flew up from London and gave a riveting extended Q&A after the film. It was an absolute pleasure to play host to these guys. Bruised had its World Premiere at the Bootleg Film Festival in Toronto on Friday 11th May. Paul won the BEST ACTOR MALE (Short) and his co-star Clare McNamara won BEST ACTOR FEMALE (Short) so we knew it was going to be a cracker. Paul and Greg arrived in Edinburgh around 5pm. They headed to the venue and managed to get a couple of pints in before the screening. The guys gave a 30 minute Q&A that had the audience on the edge of their seats, it was engaging and passionate. Everyone in the cinema was transfixed by these two Londoners who spoke the same cinematic language as many of us there. Thankfully we recorded it and you can watch it below. Afterwards Paul, Greg and all the other filmmakers networked in the bar into the wee small hours. It was an inspirational night and the whole reason I started this event.

Paul and Greg got a taxi to the airport from the pub and spent the night writing before flying back south for the London Première on the Tuesday night. Bruised has now been released online. I urge you to watch it, then watch the Q&A. These guys are the genuine article and as a community we need to encourage and support one another.

Below are the films that screened in May (or the trailer for any films not online). Please check them out.

June sees Write Shoot Cut playing on the 11th during the Edinburgh Short Film Festival which is holding screenings around town for that whole week, then the Edinburgh International Film Festival starts on the 20th. So it’s a very busy film month. Remember that Write Shoot Cut is free and it doesn’t work without you guys in the audience. Please come along and invite your friends.

Jack has a new girlfriend, but hasn’t quite learnt his lesson…
Director: Nash Edgerton

A modern day fairytale about a missing little girl.
Director: Brady Hood

Scott Wilson – Tynecastle Announcer
A short portrait of the voice of Tynecastle Stadium.
Director: Pete Harper

You’re The Stranger Here
It is a story about a woman with a crazy leg. She lives in a fascist regime where people with her condition get shot on the spot. Inspired by the courageous death of one of her fellow sufferers, she goes on an all or nothing quest to change the world, falling in love with her executor in the process.
Director: Tom Geens

In a pocket of Post-industrial Britain amongst a plethora of nefarious characters lives Mick and Ru. Mick the fighter, Ru the trainer. These lovers have more to fight about than most. Welcome to their underworld of illegal back street brawls and extreme behaviours. A modern-day love story with not only a black heart but a red raw bloodied fist, taking a peek and a punch at a world where everyone acts like a bunch of f**king c**ts.
Director: Greg Hall

Bruised Q&A with Greg Hall and Paul Stevens

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