June Special Screening – Walter

June is a busy film month in Edinburgh.

Here at Write Shoot Cut we support, and encourage you to attend, the Edinburgh Short Film Festival which is taking place on several dates across the middle of June and the Edinburgh International Film Festival which has an excellent shorts section starting on June 20th. With so much happening Write Shoot Cut could easily get sucked into a void in the middle, so…

…it feels like the opportune time to hold a special screening expanding the Write Shoot Cut format and showcasing some local talent.

Walter is the début feature film of Edinburgh writer/director/producer and actor Craig-James Moncur.

Craig wrote, shot and edited the film over a 6 week period, acting as a one man crew with some excellent local acting talent. I watch a lot of low budget films and when I saw Walter I was pleasantly surprised. It is a simple story set over a few locations using good actors. It is amazing what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. Walter pulled me in. I found it intriguing and engaging. It may be rough around the edges but for me its a solid piece of work that deserves to be seen by an audience. Many of us as short film makers strive to make a longer form film but excuse after excuse stands in the way of us actually doing it. Walter shows how achievable it can be with enough passion and determination.

And for that reason I am happy to announce that June’s screening will  be the World Première of WALTER on Monday 11th June @ 7.30pm in the Banshee Labyrinth Cinema.

Writer/Director Craig-James Moncur has this to say:

Walter is my first attempt at writing and directing a feature film. Over the last 2 years I have been meeting with and steadily building a community of actors who I felt were talented and passionate enough to pull off such an ambitious project. I really wanted this film to be a showcase of everything that we have been building towards together as a team over this period of time. The whole process of the film, from it’s writing through to final grade was completed over a 6 week period and involved pulling favours from a number of people including my auntie, my friend’s mum and one of my clients. I am immensely proud of the final result and I think that Walter’s storyline and musical score will keep people engaged. There are some wonderful performances in this film and I was very blessed to be able to have a team of such wonderful people willing to be involved in this project.

Craig and some of the cast will be in attendence to do a Q&A after the screening.

Cast List
Walter – Michael Daviot
Tommy – Ricky Callan
Amber – Imogen Ross
Danny – Jamie Stuart Morrison
Andy – Jacob Farr
Sharon – Jessica Browne
DC Parsons – Nick Cheales
Wayne – Gareth Morrison
Jade – Katie Louise Gadsby
Will – Conor Berry
You can find out more about Craig in a recent interview he did with Write Shoot Cut and you can watch the trailer for Walter below.

Please support local filmmaking talent by attending this screening. I believe this film will be an inspiration to anyone wanting to pick up a camera and make a feature. As always we will all head to the bar afterwards for drinks and networking. I hope you can make it.

Please note the Banshee Labyrinth now opens its doors at 7pm so screenings will take place at 7.30pm.

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