Write Shoot Cut in 2015

write-shoot-cut-words2014 has been an extremely busy year for me work wise, perhaps the busiest year in my working life. It has been very rewarding but very time consuming and because of this Write Shoot Cut has suffered. We’ve had four great events at the Filmhouse and a couple at the Banshee but all in all it has been fairly sporadic and disorganised. All that is about to change in 2015.

Write Shoot Cut is going to fully integrate into Screen Education Edinburgh. This means that I will have more time ‘in work’ to devote to the platform. It also opens up funding streams and opportunities. It’s win win for me, SEE, filmmakers and audiences.

So what does that mean? 

Well it means that I have put together a calendar of monthly events for the entire year. No more wondering whether Write Shoot Cut is happening this month or not, the dates and events are set in stone so it’s just a case of checking it out and getting involved.


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Special Screening: Indie Feature Film Skeletons at Filmhouse – Nov 24th


The Write Shoot Cut platform is dedicated to showcasing independent film from Scotland and beyond.

On Monday 24th November at Filmhouse we are delighted to be screening the debut feature film from Scottish filmmaker Craig-James Moncur. Craig started off as an actor in television programmes Looking after Jo Jo and Jeopardy before deciding to pursue a career behind the camera. Building up his company and reputation through corporate work and short films, he pulled together a host of established local actors to shoot this micro-budget feature right here in Edinburgh. Read more of this post

What is Tartan Features? Event at Filmhouse 29th Sept

Tartan Features - Filmhouse SlideAhead of the event we are running at the Filmhouse on Monday 29th September, Tartan Features: Micro-Budget Feature Filmmaking in Scotland, those involved wanted to outline what we will be discussing and what we are offering to the discussion.

So here is some background, values, vision and objectives.

This event is really about encouraging and inspiring people through what we have already done and what is achievable. We hope that people attending event are there as they want to develop feature films and be part of the film industry in Scotland.

Who We Are

Tartan Features is a collective of filmmaking professionals; crew, writers, directors, producers and exhibitors based in Scotland with over 15 years’ experience in indie and industry films. As a collective we have made 7+ feature films using the Tartan Features model and are developing many more.


We believe that micro budget feature film production can co-exist and even feed into the larger Scottish industry as a whole creating an infrastructure for skills and talent development while encouraging a sustainable industry.


  • To be leaders and producers of micro-budget independent filmmaking in Scotland
  • To provide an alternative route for talent into the Scottish Film industry
  • To support an overall sustainable Scottish Film Industry
  • To provide a feature filmmaking model that can work and be adapted for any budget
  • To encourage more feature filmmaking in Scotland, rather than relying only on shorts
  • To increase the skills, knowledge and experience of all crew, talent and production personnel in the film industry by ‘skilling up’ on micro budget features


Tartan Features is a reaction to the current filmmaking landscape in Scotland.

We aim to get to a stage where micro budget films are made in a scaled down version of current industry practices, where there is much more scope for training brand new crew members, but also for existing crew members to get more substantial credits to their name.

You only learn to do something by doing it. It will give filmmakers the opportunity to get that first all important credit as a feature maker.


The collective will:

  • build a website with resources, case studies and advice on how to make your micro-budget feature.
  • provide a ‘Tartan Features’ banner to all micro-budget features made in Scotland in the form of a logo credit.
  • make ourselves available via email to give advice/contacts/look over scripts/budgets/schedules.
  • provide a platform to screen your film locally and nationally with the ‘Write, Shoot, Cut’ screening model.

We have created a website TartanFeatures.com that will host this and an email that you can contact us directly at Contact TF.

There is also a Case Study and some great behind the scenes resources from one of the films already made, Sarah’s Room but Grant McPhee. Access this content here.

You can find out more about our event at the Filmhouse and book tickets here.

September 2014 Screening Recap

photo (15)What a fantastic screening! The Banshee was packed like it was 2012, standing room only at the back. A massive thank you to everyone who came along and supported the filmmakers and the event, the buzz was incredible.

Unfortunately in all the heat and bustle I forgot to take any photos so you’ll have to take my word for it but it was a cracking night with the bar buzzing afterwards as people chatted about the films they had just watched and introduced themselves to one another.

A big thank you to all the filmmakers who came along and chatted about their films, each film was very well received and it was great to hear from those who made them about how they went about it and what inspired them.

We’re back in the Banshee on Monday 13th October so if you had a great time please come back and if you couldn’t make it, head along next time.

Some of the films we screened are available online so here they are below for you to enjoy.

Don’t forget we have a special event at the Filmhouse on Monday 29th September where we will be discussing micro-budget feature filmmaking. More details on that here. Read more of this post

September Monthly Screening @Banshee 8/9/14


After the madness of the Festival in August (and no venue for us to hold our monthly screenings) we are back at the Banshee Labyrinth for a night of short films, filmmaker Q&As, networking and late night drinks.

Our September screening is packed full of local films with five filmmakers coming to share their work and meet our lovely audience. We have six films screening in total with everything from a twist comedy ending to a touching documentary and possibly one of the most disturbing films we have ever seen (don’t worry nothing gross, just something genuinely creepy and uneasy). All the films deserve their place in the line up and as always we promise that you will see some great cinema coming out of Edinburgh and beyond.

Our Banshee screenings are strictly over 18s only and there is a £2 cover charge paid on the door. It’s first come first served and since we’ve not been around for a month we hope to see a big turn out, so come early! The doors of the Banshee open at 7pm and the screening starts at half past.

I for one am looking forward to a well earned night out after a manic past month so please come and join me and all the filmmakers for our usual dose of inspiration, encouragement, merriment and tomfoolery… all in the name of showcasing and celebrating indie film.

Write Shoot Cut
Monday 10th June
7.30pm (Banshee doors open at 7pm)
Banshee Labyrinth (Map)
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Tartan Features: Micro-Budget Feature Filmmaking in Scotland – Event at Filmhouse

Take It Back and Start All Over - Directed by Neil Rolland

Take It Back and Start All Over – Directed by Neil Rolland

Monday 29th September 2014, 6.15pm at Filmhouse. 

A panel discussion introducing and discussing a new feature film movement in Scotland that believes that micro budget feature film production can co-exist and even feed into the larger Scottish industry as a whole, creating an infrastructure for skills and talent development while encouraging a sustainable industry.

Sarah's Room - Directed by Grant McPhee

Sarah’s Room – Directed by Grant McPhee

Over the past year several feature films have been made in Scotland at budgets of £1,000 to £50,000, using Scottish crew and talent, screening at International festivals and picking up awards. At this special Write Shoot Cut event the panel will showcase some of this work through trailers and clips as well as holding an open discussion with the audience as to how things can progress in the future.

Skeletons - Directed by Craig-James Moncur

Skeletons – Directed by Craig-James Moncur

The panel will be made up of representatives from Write Shoot Cut, Digital Onset, Blue Iris Films, Black Box Digital Media and more.

For more details and tickets please click here.

Elsewhere, NY Screening


We were delighted to welcome Canadian filmmaker Jeffrey P Nesker to Edinburgh for a very special Write Shoot Cut in July. Jeff, who was part of the team that ran the Bootleg Film Festival, Edinburgh back in March 2013 returned to the Banshee Labyrinth to share a preview screening of his debut feature film Elsewhere, NYRead more of this post


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