Submissions to Write Shoot Cut are FREE and continuously open for our Curated Programme at the Filmhouse (for our open mic nights at the Banshee please check the latest call out posts).

The rules are simple:

  • All genres are welcome (drama, documentary, experimental, music video, art film and so on).
  • Films of all lengths are considered
  • The reviewers will be looking for films that catch their eye. It could be because they tell a great story, they are technically brilliant, they are interesting or innovative, they show real passion from those involved, they have a great story behind them or they just made us laugh/squirm/cry/scared.
  • Please submit full and completed films. We do not accept clips from films or rough cuts.
  • Films do not have to have had funding or the highest production values, we are just looking for good films that an audience would want to see.
  • Not all films will be selected for screening and unfortunately feedback cannot be given on unsuccessful submissions.
  • Unfortunately we cannot respond to every submission. If we wish to screen your film, we will contact you.
  • Films will be selected by how they fit into a programme and may be played further down the line if suitable.
  • Write Shoot Cut would also like to discuss showcasing films/filmmakers on the blog should their films be selected.

To submit fill out this form:


We only screen films from video file and accept no other formats.


8 Responses to Submissions

  1. Fantastic initiative – wishing you the very best, and including info in latest update from Discover Fine Acting.

    Have fun!

  2. Simmy says:

    Is it necessary to password protect your video, is it ok if it is live?

  3. CraigT B says:

    Hello hello,
    This event is fantastic for sharing Your work with others in a wider audience. I went to one of the first screenings in Spring 2012, and it was great that the socialising was not confined to the noisy atmos of the bar – I had a great confab with some like-minded folk out having a smoke in the cobbled street outside….I dont even smoke haha.

    I’d like to ask, whether there is any requirements or limitations to the Filmakers Profile ?

    All the best,

    Craig :-)

    • Neil Rolland says:

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for the nice words, glad you enjoyed your experience.

      Just so I fully understand the question, what filmmakers profile do you mean? The films that are screened or the interviews on the site?


  4. For the Weekender you say you are accepting feature submissions, but the submission guidelines say under 20 minutes. I want to submit a 25-30 minute film to the weekender, is that possible?

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