Monthly Events

We currently run two types of events:

Open Mic Short Film Nights at the Banshee Labyrinth Cinema where we invite people to submit a film or a pitch and we fill up slots until they are all gone on a first come first served basis.

Curated Film Nights at the Filmhouse Cinema where we have free open submissions that we select from to curate a pogramme of some of the best local and international shorts and feature films.

221718_451067494973835_1992930016_nOpen Mic Short Film Nights at the Banshee Labyrinth Cinema

Our open mic event is where we offer the floor (and screen) to any and all filmmakers and films. It’s our goal to provide more opportunities for more people to screen their work and join the vast community we have created at Write Shoot Cut and that exists across Scotland.

Although it is open mic, you still need to submit your film to register (specific call outs will be made for these events), like any open mic night you need to book a slot. We only have two hours and so we are assigning slots on a first come, first served basis.

There are two kinds of slots:

  • Films: 10 minutes and under – can be short film, music video, web series trailer, anything really.
  • Pitches: this is a 10 minute slot to speak to the audience, pitch your script, film, yourself, your crowdfunding campaign etc…. if this includes a promo video then that time comes out of the ten minutes.

There are a few rules in terms of the open mic nights:

  1. To screen you have to show up. If you don’t show up we pull the film.
  2. You must present your film and then partake in a Q&A afterwards.
  3. If you are doing a pitch we cannot show PowerPoints/Slide shows, only video content.
  4. Films must be submitted in advance when you have your slot via WeTransfer. Files must be under 2GB and ideally as QuickTime h.264 codec.

We will do specific call outs for the Open Mic nights 3 weeks before the event takes place.

Here’s the event dates for your diary:

  • Monday 9th March: Open Mic Night @Banshee 7.30pm
  • Monday 13th April: Open Mic Film Night @Banshee 7.30pm
  • Monday 15th June: Open Mic Film Night @Banshee 7.30pm
  • Monday 13th July: Open Mic Film Night @Banshee 7.30pm
  • Monday 14th September: Open Mic Film Night @Banshee 7.30pm
  • Monday 14th December: Christmas Party @Banshee 7.30pm

10371593_585890221526426_5855239275982020894_nCurated Film Nights at the Filmhouse Cinema 

Our curated events at the Filmhouse allow us to programme some of  the best local and international short and feature films of any length. These curated screenings build on the work we do with the open mic nights. Submissions to these events are accepted on a rolling basis. Just click here to send your film to us for consideration.

Here are the dates for this year’s Filmhouse screenings:

  • Monday 23rd February: Take It Back and Start All Over + James and the Urn screening @Filmhouse 6.10pm Tickets on sale here.
  • Monday 18th May: Curated Screening @Filmhouse
  • Monday 31st August: Curated Screening @Filmhouse
  • Monday 3oth November: Curated Screening @Filmhouse

We can’t wait to see you at a future event. If you have any questions, contact us through the contact page and if you would like to submit your short film to Write Shoot Cut, please click here.

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