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write-shoot-cut-words2014 has been an extremely busy year for me work wise, perhaps the busiest year in my working life. It has been very rewarding but very time consuming and because of this Write Shoot Cut has suffered. We’ve had four great events at the Filmhouse and a couple at the Banshee but all in all it has been fairly sporadic and disorganised. All that is about to change in 2015.

Write Shoot Cut is going to fully integrate into Screen Education Edinburgh. This means that I will have more time ‘in work’ to devote to the platform. It also opens up funding streams and opportunities. It’s win win for me, SEE, filmmakers and audiences.

So what does that mean? 

Well it means that I have put together a calendar of monthly events for the entire year. No more wondering whether Write Shoot Cut is happening this month or not, the dates and events are set in stone so it’s just a case of checking it out and getting involved.


We will be continuing with tri-monthly screenings at the Filmhouse but these will diversify by being programmed by youth programmers who will work with me to watch and curate the programmes. I will support and train these young people and oversee the final programming. It’s very important to me to give opportunities to young people. That’s why I work at Screen Ed and that’s why I am bringing this practice into what I do here at Write Shoot Cut. There will be a small team of youngsters who will spend the year watching submissions, learning about programming and actually be involved in the events. Screenings will be a mixture of shorts from young people, local filmmakers and International submissions as well as on occasion, a feature film.

A call out for interested youngsters will be made soon through Screen Education Edinburgh.

The Banshee Labyrinth events are now more defined. There will be a mixture of feature film screenings, short film showcases and special events. Community is very very important to me and is at the heart of why I started Write Shoot Cut. As a supportive community of filmmakers and audiences we can rise above struggles and be part of a diverse and thriving film industry in Scotland. Through the Banshee screenings I hope to bring back the community we had a couple of years ago and take it even further.


Submissions are sought on a rolling basis but as you will see from the annual programme, we are looking for specific films at specific times. I am looking for both short films and feature films, locally from Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland and also Internationally. I want to continue the high standards we have at Write Shoot Cut to show content that audiences will enjoy and that will inspire filmmakers to up their game. I believe completely in underground undiscovered filmmaking but I also believe that it takes time to make a good film, so the programme will always be curated unless otherwise stated. I’d like Write Shoot Cut to be a bench mark as it has been in the past and I know there are enough quality films out there to have a cracking year of screenings. You can submit your film to Write Shoot Cut here and also read our rules for submissions, if this works for you then get your film to us.


Building on my own experience making a micro-budget feature film and my involvement in Tartan Features, I am delighted to announce that I will be running a Tartan Features Film Festival in October. This festival will run over three days at the Banshee Labyrinth and screen predominantly Scottish Micro-Budget Feature Films as well as exemplary Micro-Budget Feature Films from across the world. We will host a series of Masterclasses and Events to help stimulate, encourage, support and develop the production of Micro-Budget Feature Films in Scotland. The festival will aim to emulate what we did when we brought the Bootleg Film Festival to Edinburgh in 2013, (which includes bringing it to a close with Rock Karaoke). For more details and submissions please click here.


Through Screen Education Edinburgh we will also run three short filmmaking competitions over the year. One for young filmmakers under 25 supported and programmed by the youth programming team and two competitions open to anyone.

Photo 27-07-2013 21 02 00

There will be cash prizes and gala screening events at the Banshee for the two open competitions. The first competition has a deadline of Monday 30th March and the objective is to shoot a single take short, no longer than 2 minutes long. The second competition has a deadline of Monday 30th November and has the brief of shooting a 2 minute Christmas film. Full details will be announced soon but get your thinking caps on and get out and make some movies. All submission will be screening and as mentioned there will even be prizes. For those who took part in our Two Minute Silence competition in 2013, these will follow the same format (click here to see how that event went).

We will start the year in January with an Open-Mic screening event. I said above that Write Shoot Cut will remain curated, and it will, but I understand that people learn by seeing their work with an audience so every year we will open with an open platform. Details to be ironed out but basically turn up with your film and I’ll screen it along with a short Q&A.


All this starts early.

We are having a Screen Education Edinburgh/Write Shoot Cut Christmas Filmmakers and Freelancers Party on Monday 15th December 2014 at the Banshee Labyrinth. An open networking, screening, Christmas shebang for all you filmmakers and freelancers out there. Come along and celebrate the year that has been and look forward to a bumber year ahead. Again full details to follow.

Wow, that was an epic post. If you made it this far well done. Thank you to everyone who has supported and been involved in Write Shoot Cut since I started this crazy little journey. Let’s make 2015 the year of Independent film in Scotland. There’s loads going on and it’s great to be a part of it.

Here’s the full schedule:

Write Shoot Cut Plan 2015

  • Monday 15th December 2014 – SEE/WSC Christmas Party @Banshee
  • Monday 19th January 2015: Open Mic Film Night with screenings, pitching and networking @Banshee
  • Monday 23rd February: SEE Local & International Shorts programmed by youth programmers @Filmhouse
  • Monday 9th March: Shorts or Feature Film plus Q&As @Banshee
  • Monday 13th April: Competition Screening (Single Take Short) @Banshee
  • Monday 18th May: SEE Local & International Shorts programmed by youth programmers @Filmhouse
  • Monday 15th June – Scottish Short Film Showcase + Panel Event @Banshee
  • Monday 13th July – Shorts or Feature Film plus Q&As @Banshee
  • Monday 31st August: SEE Local & International Shorts programmed by youth programmers @Filmhouse
  • Friday 2nd-Sunday 4th October: TARTAN FEATURES FILM FESTIVAL @Banshee
  • Monday 30th November: SEE Local & International Shorts programmed by youth programmers @Filmhouse
  • Monday 14th December: Competition Screening/Christmas Party  (2 minute Christmas films) @Banshee


We can’t wait to see you at a future event. If you have any questions, contact us through the contact page and if you would like to submit your short film to Write Shoot Cut, please click here.

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