Filmmaker Interview #14 – David Lumsden

David Lumsden directs

David Lumsden is a director/editor based in Edinburgh who is creating some really exciting and innovative work. He was first brought to my attention through the savvy marketing he got for his latest short film Boat, the image of Edinburgh’s Princes Street flooded in a postapocalyptic world is going to make anyone stand up and take notice. Doing some research I realised I had seen a lot of David’s editing work, most namely the feature film, A Spanking n Paradise.

David’s work history is full of interesting projects; he edited the “web diaries” for the feature film Atonement, directed the behind-the-scenes videos on New Town Killers and edited a promo for Keannu Reeves new Kung-fu movie, just to name but a few.

I’m delighted to feature David on the blog. I’m extremely excited about seeing his short film, from the making of videos (see below) it looks epic.

Judge for yourself. Read more of this post

Filmmaker Interview #11 – Lewis Carmichael

I met Lewis Carmichael eight years ago at Stevenson College where we were both on the Television Production course. Lewis instantly stood out as someone obsessed with film. Highly intelligent, he held equal worth for both philosophy and science wanting to know the meaning behind stories while also curious as to how they were made technically and he’s never really changed.

It was clear to everyone bar Lewis that he would embark on a career in editing and post production. While most students were out drinking or talking about making films Lewis was researching and teaching himself software, he had so many ideas that he needed to know how to visually create them and that’s exactly what he did. He has the patience of a saint and can sit for hours learning how to do something, then perfecting it, add to that his encyclopedic knowledge of cinema and it actually makes me sick.

Lewis currently lives in Glasgow and hails from the West Lothian town of Broxburn. He’s a very talented guy who will do great things, I’m sure of it. Read more of this post


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