Filmmaker Interview #19 – Gareth Peevers

Gareth Peevers is an Englishman who now calls Edinburgh home. A writer and self-taught director, I first met Gareth at the Edinburgh International Film Festival last year. He was chatting about this short film he was making called Somebody’s Daughter and we swapped cards. As usual at these events we exchanged a couple of emails and that was about that. Then however, when I put a call out for short films for the first Write Shoot Cut Short Film Night I got an email from Gareth with a copy of said film.

I was absolutely delighted as often people talk about making something but it never sees the light of day. Here was Gareth with his film that he self financed and obviously poured a lot of time and effort into. We screened it and it went down really well with the audience.

Gareth really embodies the ‘can-do’ attitude, throwing himself into something that he never believed he would be able to do and never really looking back. I hope you enjoy this interview since for me I think it shows how just getting involved in something small can lead to you going on to make your own films and start developing larger projects. Gareth is ambitious but down to earth. It’s rather refreshing.  Read more of this post


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