Silly Billy (2010) Mark Jackson

TITLE: ‘Silly Billy’

DIRECTOR: Mark Jackson

GENRE: Comedy / Teen / Musical
DURATION: Approx 29 minutes


Comedy about a kid who accidentally mugs his girlfriend’s mum.

Starring: Stephen Lloyd, Rachel Bright, Victoria Gaskell-Watkins, Rachel Dobell, Eleanor Lawrence, Roxanne Saili.
Music produced by Simon Duckworth and Mark Jackson.
Written and Directed by Mark Jackson


A very independently produced punk musical.

The initial concept was written in around 2007 but we couldn’t get funding from any of the film funding bodies (when there were some). So with a lot of hard slog and a few sacrifices we produced it ourselves the DIY way. So the songs were recorded in bedrooms, the chroma key was done with a green sheet pinned to a living room wall, and the rest of it was done at evenings and weekends. And a pleasant time was had by all.


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