Three-Legged Horses (2012) Felipe Bustos Sierra

“Three-Legged Horses”, award-winning short fiction written and directed by Felipe Bustos Sierra. Based on true events.

A rickshaw driver with bad knees makes brief but powerful encounters with buskers, drunks and potential passengers on his last night in Edinburgh.

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Written, Produced and Directed by Felipe Bustos Sierra
Director of Cinematography Frederic Plasman
Sound and Sound Design by Jack Coghill
Music by Iban Perez
Edited by Felipe Bustos Sierra and Cameron Hall
Co-produced by Erin McElhinney

Starring: Gavin Purdie, Bryan Lowe, Simon Messer, Gilchrist Muir, Tom Hutchinson, Donald McDonald, Samuel Jameson, Nick Cheales, Cameron Bowie and Orkestra del Sol



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