9 Meter (2012) Anders Walter


Shortfilm written and directed by Anders Walter and produced by Tivi Magnusson & M&M Productions. The film was shortlisted for an Oscar for “Best live action short” 2013.


Daniel: Benjamin Gabrielsen
Bubka: Oliver Methling Søndergaard
Father: Thomas Baldus
Mother: Christine Albeck Børge

Production Company: M&M Productions
Producer: Tivi Magnusson
Director & Writer: Anders Walter
Executive Producers: Andreas Rostock, Henrik Gugge Garnov & Kim Magnusson
Cinematography: Rasmus Heise
Editing: Lars Wissing
Line Producer: Sanne Jørgensen
Original Music: Rasmus Walter & Niels-Kristian Bærentzen
Sounddesigner: Henrik Gugge Garnov & Jakob Davidsen
Postfacilities: Cameo Film v/ Andreas Rostock
VFX: Bjørn Munch
Colorgrading: Lasse Marcussen


Oscar shortlisted 2013 for “Best live action short”.
Scandinavian Film Festival Los Angeles
Miami International Film Festival
Brooklyn Film Festival
Odense International Film Festival (Winner best children & youth film)
Buster, Copenhagen
Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (Winner international audience award)
San Francisco International Short Film Festival
Vancouver International Film Festival
New York Film Festival
Austin International Film Festival
InterFilm, Berlin
Kuki children & Youth Film Festival, Berlin (Winner best teen film, 2nd prize)



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