Screening at Your First Film Festival – East End Film Festival

content-1_1024As I write this I am preparing to get on the 22:45 sleeper bus to London where I will be attending the East End Film Festival as someone who actually has a film screening at the festivities. It is a very strange feeling. When we were shooting Take It Back and Start All Over in December 2013 I had no idea where the journey would take us. If we were very lucky I thought that we might get into some small local festival or at the very least I would be able to host a screening in the Banshee here in Edinburgh but at no time did I even consider getting the film into a festival of the magnitude of East End. Read more of this post

INTERMISSION – Short Film Night – Edinburgh – July 3rd



Brought to you by our contributor Lauren Clarke and her team. Intermission is a short film night featuring intervals. The programme will showcase local and international shorts, and emerging animators from ECA.

Intermission is about the space in between films. In the era of everyone being connected virtually, Intermission intends to reach out to people wanting real, social encounters using film as the starting point.

Tickets Available via Eventbrite here.

Actor Interview #21 – Josh Hawkins

JHWith a re-release of the first feature Josh was a part of at the end of this year he has loads to look forward too. Check out he has to say about his experiences as an actor and writer.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you are currently working on?

I grew up on the boarder of South- East London, I spent most of my time chasing around a football and dreaming of more, amongst other mischievous things that boys get up to. I currently just finished writing my feature film which is set to go into production early next year. I’m also auditioning for various projects between New York and LA.

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Short Film #98 – Tango (1980) Zbigniew Rybszynski

Short Film Screening & Networking Night: Monday 18th May

Boat Matte Painting Balmoral Under WaterWrite Shoot Cut returns to the Filmhouse on Monday 18th May at 6.15pm with a fantastic line up of short films. We are absolutely delighted to offer up an eclectic mix of drama, documentary, surrealism, innovation and the funniest TV pilot since the League of Gentlemen.

Write Shoot Cut is presented by Screen Education Edinburgh in partnership with Filmhouse and is a platform dedicated to celebrating and showcasing short independent film from Scotland and beyond.

This month we have five short films either made by or featuring Scottish-based talent. Everything from surreal comedy to political documentary to post apocalyptic Edinburgh and intimate Glasgow.

Each film will be followed with a Q&A with the filmmakers involved, giving the audience the chance to enjoy what they see and gain an insight into the creative process. Read more of this post

Inspiration #3 – The Truth About Making Movies

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3 Filmmakers Who Inspired Me and Why by Neil Rolland

Insiring FilmmakersI’ve spent the last month shutting down my life. I’m often prone to burn-out as there are no boundaries in my life. I’m always constantly working, whether being paid to or not. I have the best ‘day’ job working on various film and film education projects with Screen Education Edinburgh (I’m part-time but like everyone else at SEE; we love the place, we fight for it daily; there is no such thing as part-time. It’s like running your own business; it’s morning, noon and night). Time off over evenings and weekends are spent working on Write Shoot Cut, Tartan Features, punting out my debut feature, writing, planning, meeting people, attempting to put any number of other projects into production plus spending time with my wonderful family. That’s a lot to pack in and that’s why my Christmas was spent ill in bed with a nasty chest infection; when I stopped so did my body.

I was looking forward to starting a fresh new year with new focus and renewed energy. My time in bed had allowed me to recover and feel 100% again, plus I had my debut feature preview screening in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as a short film in preproduction and a producer for a second feature. It was rock and roll, time to go… but this was all on top of all that other stuff I was doing (and had to pick up again when I recovered) and it wasn’t long before my body and mind were taking a complete battering and for want of a better phase, telling me to fuck right off.

After the debacle that was the March Write Shoot Cut screening at the Banshee I decided enough was enough. I needed to rest, refocus, cut down on what I was doing outside of paid film work and wonder again (like we all do all the time) why the hell am I doing all this? What’s the point? What do I actually want? 

The answer to these questions often gets lost in the chase to achieve everything you want to achieve, fighting against the system, or simply wanting to find your way of fitting into it but taking the time to consciously think about them and to weed out all the distractions I come back to the fact I want to create cinema. I have a burning desire to make films, not television or any other visual media; I want to make films. Indeed in college I called my production company ‘I Wanna Make Films’ and I was heartily ridiculed for it but it’s the one single truth in my life. I want to make films. I want to make feature films. I want to make films that screen in cinemas. That’s it. That’s what I want. I enjoy other stuff, especially teaching and supporting young people to find their own voices, but that’s on top of the main objective of making my own movies.

So in the process of refocusing I have been watching a lot of films and remembering the people who inspired me in the first place. We are all on our own journeys and no two journeys are the same but sometimes it helps to seek inspiration and wisdom from others in order to clear away the cobwebs and focus your own ship. That’s why I have decided to post here about 3 filmmakers who inspired and continue to inspire me, that way I get to articulate my feelings about these people in a way that others may discover their work or relate to it but more importantly I get to say thank you to them… even if they’ll never know this post exists.

So anyway, here we go… Read more of this post


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