Interview with Graham Hughes by Lauren Clarke

This Thursday, at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Edinburgh, Graham Hughes’ second feature film A Practical Guide to a Spectacular Suicide will be screened as part of the Just Gather Film Festival. If you missed your chance to catch it at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this is your chance! FYI it was also screened as part of EIFF’s “Best of the Fest” programme, so this should be at the top of your to-do list on Thursday. Read more of this post

3 Strikes and We’re Out

3-StrikesAfter a third night of technical issues, more disappointed filmmakers and punters and a year of struggling to find the time to programme the event I’m calling time on the Write Shoot Cut screenings at the Banshee.

A massive thank you to everyone who has been involved since we started in 2011, it’s been a blast.

Filmhouse quarterly screenings will continue and I’ll actually be putting a call out for that this week.

Peace out.

March Open Mic Night – 9th March Line-Up

WSC Open March sWe return to the Banshee Labyrinth on March 9th for another open mic film night of screenings, pitches and networking.

We have an eclectic line up this month mixing drama, documentary and experimental film alongside a couple of live pitches.

LINE UP (please note the names below are the people who submitted, not necessarily the directors)

  1. Craig-James Moncur – The Babysitter – Short Film
  2. Kelly Love – Diabhal – Short Film
  3. Adam Harper – Sanctuary – Short Film
  4. Robert Davidson – The Hedgehog Lady – Pitch
  5. Toasted Motion Films – The Butler and the Fool – Short Film
  6. JOSE ANGEL GUIMERA – GIRA (turn) – Short Film
  7. Glass Bullet Pictures – The Legend of Black Diamond – Feature Film Trailer
  8. Lewis Forfar – Playing God – Short Film
  9. Ryan Henderson – DRIFT – Short Film
  10. Rachel McBrinn & Alison Piper – A Lower Volume – Short Film
  11. Brydon Graham – Pink Out – Short Film

Write Shoot Cut is dedicated to supporting and promoting local filmmaking through our website and events. The open mic night will be an excellent opportunity for you to see what’s going on locally, as well as getting a chance to meet like-minded people  and potential collaborators. So come along and get involved.

Monday 9th March at the Banshee Labyrinth (map)
Doors open at 7pm with the event starting at 7.30pm. 
There is a door charge of £2 for everyone; audience and filmmakers.
It’s first come, first served too, so get there early. Even if you are screening and you don’t turn up on time, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a seat!

The Outer Darkness – Interview with Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton

Lauren Clarke chats with the guys behind Bloody Cuts and new web series The Outer Darkness.

If you haven’t checked out Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton’s The Outer Darkness Part One you are really missing out. I must confess I am not always a huge fan of horror, but these two killed it with this short film. There is intensity, moral dilemmas, intrigue, and of course some gore. The execution of the film is brilliant and visually stunning- I think I am a newly converted horror fan and I cannot wait for Part Two!

Please tell us a bit about yourself and what sparked your career in Filmmaking. 

AM: Ben and I are both worryingly committed movie fans who both pursued media degrees with the hope to end up in the movie business. We independently found ourselves several years after graduating working in the corporate video business calling ourselves filmmakers, without really having made a single narrative piece of note.

We’re both from the same home town, but had never met growing up, I’d moved back to the area for a while 5 years ago and when I saw an ad for team members to join a filmmaking collective taking part in the sci-fi London 48hr film comp, I jumped at the chance to get in touch.

Thankfully Ben and a group of friends from London had taken the initiative to get out there and make a film, and fortunately for me they took me on board to do a touch of vfx for the short.

The film our team made called Two Years of Summer made it into the top ten and we were hooked… We were so surprised at the quality of the film we were able to create within 48hrs, so we hatched a plan to do it again, not once, but many times and thus Bloody Cuts was born…

5 years on, 9 short horror films, 3 short sci-fi films, an international film competition run by BC Horror and now our newest TV horror pilot, we’re going stronger than ever.

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March Open Mic Night: Call For Submissions

WSC Open March sWe return to the Banshee Labyrinth on March 9th for another open mic film night of screenings, pitches and networking.

Call for Submissions! 

Although it is open mic, you still need to submit your film to register (specific call outs will be made for these events), like any open mic night you need to book a slot. We only have two hours and so we are assigning slots on a first come, first served basis.

There are two kinds of slots:

  • Films: 10 minutes and under – can be short film, music video, web series trailer, anything really.
  • Pitches: this is a 10 minute slot to speak to the audience, pitch your script, film, yourself, your crowdfunding campaign etc…. if this includes a promo video then that time comes out of the ten minutes.

There are a few rules in terms of the open mic nights:

  1. To screen you have to show up. If you don’t show up we pull the film.
  2. You must present your film and then partake in a Q&A afterwards.
  3. If you are doing a pitch we cannot show PowerPoints/Slide shows, only video content.
  4. Films must be submitted as a downloadable Vimeo link. No other transfer/method is accepted.
  5. Entry to the event is £2 for both filmmakers and audience members.

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Guest Post #1 – Do Film Festivals Matter? The Question All Filmmakers Ask Themselves


Guest blog by Tom Wilton

Last year, I wrote a post entitled Cannes Doesn’t Want You: Are Film Festivals Dead? As you might imagine, with that kind of header, I got a little kickback (especially from film festival organisers – something I used to be myself in fact).

Of course, fast forward and here I am, getting ready to fly to California for Cinequest Film Festival 2015. And honestly, I don’t really know what to expect.

Photo 10-05-2014 20 20 43

That’s not to say I don’t have an experience of film festivals – quite the opposite in fact. You see, aside from running Bootleg Film Festival for several years, I’ve been to many on both sides of the Atlantic – both big and small, and so I understand just how diverse they can be really be. But on a personal level, I’m trying to work out just how relevant they are in an era where a single tweet can get your more attention than a year or two on the festival circuit. Read more of this post

Short Film #94 – Pro Kopf (2012) Sascha Zimmermann

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