Short Film #88 – Sorry I’m Late (2009) Tomas Mankovsky

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Inspiration #1 – What If… money were no object, with Alan Watts

Script Reading, Development and Consultation Services



Introducing new services from Write Shoot Cut.

Neil, the man behind this website, is an experienced screenwriting tutor having taught over 100 students over the past two years as part of the 10 week course: Blank Page, Write A Short Film Screenplay.

Participants have this to say about the course:

“I found the screenwriting course ideal as an incentive to get writing. Neil was helpful and well informed and it was inspiring to share ideas with the other members of the class.”

“Neil’s feedback was excellent and he is full of enthusiasm. After each class I felt more confident and more willing to move forward with my ideas.”

“Neil is so encouraging. I was mortified giving my ideas but he never made you feel embarrassed, he was always encouraging and that gave me the confidence I needed.”

“It was a pleasure learning in such a stimulating environment and I am glad to have gained valuable advice and guidance.”

“A great course and great fun!”

“Amazing! Get involved, it will take all your fear away and push you to take part”.

Neil have spent the last ten years watching, curating and dissecting short films and independent feature films, latterly as part of Write Shoot Cut and as the Creative Director of the Bootleg Film Festival in Edinburgh and New York.


Neil is a Screenwriting graduate of the Screen Academy Scotland and a regular speaker at independent film events in the UK.

At Screen Education Edinburgh Neil tutors young people aged 12-25 in screenwriting, filmmaking and film literacy.

Neil has the skills and experience to support you to write the best screenplay you can.

Neil believes that the screenplay is the most important part of the filmmaking process. It is essential that you get the story right before you even think about sending it out or making it.

Neil can offer you his skills and expertise at whatever stage you are at with your screenplay.

Have an idea but no clue how to structure it into a screenplay? Neil can help you.

Have a screenplay but need someone to read it over and give a feedback analysis? Neil can help you.

Have a problem with a character or a block on a scene? Neil can help you sort it out.

Looking to mine your imagination for a shootable screenplay on a micro-budget? Neil’s an expert at that.

Need someone to go with you all the way through your screenplay? Neil would be delighted to be your wing-man.

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Filmmaker Interview #65 – Maurice Caldera

1377436_10151831569838600_236251938_nMaurice Caldera is another EIFF Talent Labber I met and he is a real gentleman. His story is fascinating and he really is a talent to watch. Check out the interview below to find out more.

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Filmmaker Interview #64 – Sebastian Solberg

8459651_300x300I met Sebastian Solberg on the Talent Lab at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. He’s a hugger, full of smiles and very personable. I watched Sebastian pitch his feature film to the panel and I loved it, he has a really great heartfelt sci-fi and I hope he goes onto get it made. Sebastian is a busy guy working across various projects, he’s so bloody productive… and talented. Check out the interview below and find out more.  Read more of this post

What is Tartan Features? Event at Filmhouse 29th Sept

Tartan Features - Filmhouse SlideAhead of the event we are running at the Filmhouse on Monday 29th September, Tartan Features: Micro-Budget Feature Filmmaking in Scotland, those involved wanted to outline what we will be discussing and what we are offering to the discussion.

So here is some background, values, vision and objectives.

This event is really about encouraging and inspiring people through what we have already done and what is achievable. We hope that people attending event are there as they want to develop feature films and be part of the film industry in Scotland.

Who We Are

Tartan Features is a collective of filmmaking professionals; crew, writers, directors, producers and exhibitors based in Scotland with over 15 years’ experience in indie and industry films. As a collective we have made 7+ feature films using the Tartan Features model and are developing many more.


We believe that micro budget feature film production can co-exist and even feed into the larger Scottish industry as a whole creating an infrastructure for skills and talent development while encouraging a sustainable industry.


  • To be leaders and producers of micro-budget independent filmmaking in Scotland
  • To provide an alternative route for talent into the Scottish Film industry
  • To support an overall sustainable Scottish Film Industry
  • To provide a feature filmmaking model that can work and be adapted for any budget
  • To encourage more feature filmmaking in Scotland, rather than relying only on shorts
  • To increase the skills, knowledge and experience of all crew, talent and production personnel in the film industry by ‘skilling up’ on micro budget features


Tartan Features is a reaction to the current filmmaking landscape in Scotland.

We aim to get to a stage where micro budget films are made in a scaled down version of current industry practices, where there is much more scope for training brand new crew members, but also for existing crew members to get more substantial credits to their name.

You only learn to do something by doing it. It will give filmmakers the opportunity to get that first all important credit as a feature maker.


The collective will:

  • build a website with resources, case studies and advice on how to make your micro-budget feature.
  • provide a ‘Tartan Features’ banner to all micro-budget features made in Scotland in the form of a logo credit.
  • make ourselves available via email to give advice/contacts/look over scripts/budgets/schedules.
  • provide a platform to screen your film locally and nationally with the ‘Write, Shoot, Cut’ screening model.

We have created a website that will host this and an email that you can contact us directly at Contact TF.

There is also a Case Study and some great behind the scenes resources from one of the films already made, Sarah’s Room but Grant McPhee. Access this content here.

You can find out more about our event at the Filmhouse and book tickets here.

Short Film #87 – Inside Maryhill Food Bank (2014) Walnut Wasp

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